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Bucharest - Lyon

01 February - 31 December 2014
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Price: 221.00 eur

Old price: 239.00 eur


Departing flight:
13 Mar Lufthansa LH3413 Bucharest (Otopeni) 14:30 16:10 Frankfurt Main
13 Mar Lufthansa LH4176 Frankfurt Main 17:10 18:25 Lyon

13 Mar Lufthansa LH3415 Bucharest (Otopeni) 18:20 20:00 Frankfurt Main
13 Mar Lufthansa LH4178 Frankfurt Main 21:15 22:30 Lyon

Returning flight:
20 Mar Lufthansa LH4179 Lyon 06:05 07:40 Frankfurt Main
20 Mar Lufthansa LH3412 Frankfurt Main 10:30 13:50 Bucharest (Otopeni)

20 Mar Lufthansa LH4171 Lyon 10:45 12:20 Frankfurt Main
20 Mar Lufthansa LH3414 Frankfurt Main 13:45 17:05 Bucharest (Otopeni)

20 Mar Lufthansa LH4173 Lyon 14:55 16:30 Frankfurt Main
20 Mar Lufthansa LH3416 Frankfurt Main 20:30 23:50 Bucharest (Otopeni)


Price/ person, Round trip
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