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Kimhae Tourist Hotel Gimhae, Gimhae - South Korea
75 €
Kimhae Tourist Hotel Gimhae  
827-4 Buwon Dong Gimhae Gyeongnam
Kimhae Tourist is the only one first class hotel in Gimhae City, easy accessible by all modes of transportation and offering all the conveniences to make your vacations pleasant. Location This property is located in the centre of Gimhae city, 15 kilometres away from the Gimhae International Airport and Gupo Station. Rooms Guests are offered comfortable and...
Sangnam International House Busan, Busan - South Korea
64 €
Sangnam International House Busan  
609-735 San 30 Jangjeon Dong Kumjeong Gu Busan
Offering cosy accommodation and convenient facilities, the Sangnam International House Busan is a perfect place for both business and leisure travellers. Location The Sangnam International House is conveniently located in front of the north gate of Busan National University. Situated just 15 minutes away from the Express Bus Terminal, the property is about 50...
Hotel Queen Incheon Airport, Incheon - South Korea
121 €
Hotel Queen Incheon Airport  
2801-5 Incheon International Airport Town Square Jung Gu Incheon
Offering you comfortable and elegant atmosphere that appeals to both business and pleasure travellers, Hotel Queen Incheon is the ideal place for you to reside. Location Located in the New Town Square, the future hub for business and pleasure travel in Seoul, Hotel Queen Incheon Airport is only a 7-minute drive from the Incheon International Airport. Rooms...
Ramada Songdo Incheon, Incheon - South Korea
139 €
Ramada Songdo Incheon  
812 Dongchoon 1 Dong Yeonsu Gu Incheon
If you are planning for a particular holiday at Incheon, then Ramada Songdo overlooks the ocean and is the perfect place for you to reside. Location The Ramada Songdo is ideally located close to Songdo Resort in Incheon City, approximately 8 kilometres from Incheon Port. The Munhak Stadium and Namdong Industrial Complex are also close by. Rooms The hotel...
Incheon Beach Hotel, Incheon - South Korea
91 €
Incheon Beach Hotel  
773 - 2 Eulwang Dong Jung Gu Incheon
Enjoying a convenient location and surrounded by natural beauty, the Incheon Beach Hotel is an ideal place to reside for both business and leisure travellers. Location The property is only 15 minutes from the Incheon International Airport and is close to Eulwangni Beach, Wangsan Beach and Seonnyeo Bawi Beach. Rooms Guests are provided with the comfort of...
Lord Beach Hotel Busan, Busan - South Korea
75 €
Lord Beach Hotel Busan  
544-7 Woo Dong Haeundae Gu Busan
Featuring a beachfront location and comfortable accommodation, the Lord Beach Hotel Busan is an ideal place for your vacations. Location Located in the centre of the Haeundae beach area, this hotel is just minutes from the beach and is also close from Busan Exhibition and Convention Center. Rooms All the guest rooms at the Lord Beach Hotel are gracefully...
Royal Kingdom Hotel Busan, Busan - South Korea
98 €
Royal Kingdom Hotel Busan  
1509-2 Joong Dong Haeundae Gu Busan
Location Located at Haeundae, Royal Kingdom Hotel Busan is just a 15-minute drive from Busan Exhibition & Convention Center and 40 minutes from the Gimhae International Airport. Rooms The guestrooms are simple in style and cosily equipped with numerous standard amenities including an en suite bathroom. Restaurant Guests can dine at the onsite restaurant...
Hyundai Hotel Ulsan, Ulsan - South Korea
165 €
Hyundai Hotel Ulsan  
283 Jeonha - Dong Dong - Gu Ulsan (682-813)
Featuring all the modern conveniences, Hyundai Hotel Ulsan is ideally suited for businessmen who are seeking a comfortable night of rest during their business trip. Location Located some 15 kilometres from the city centre, this elegant property is sited close to Hyundai Heavy Industry, Hyundai Motors Company and the Mipo Shipyard. The nearest airport is about 20...
Royal Hotel Incheon, Incheon - South Korea
136 €
Royal Hotel Incheon  
173-4 Kanseok Dong Nam Dong Gu Incheon
Presenting luxurious lodgings and services, the Royal Hotel invites both leisure as well as business travellers an enjoyable experience at Incheon. Location Centrally located in Incheon, the Royal Hotel is close to the Export Industrial Complex and Nam-dong Industrial Complex. Rooms All the guest rooms are decorated in modern style and come with an array of...
Paradise Hotel Incheon, Incheon - South Korea
118 €
Paradise Hotel Incheon  
3-2 1 Ga Hang Dong Joong Gu Incheon 400 703
Presenting luxurious accommodation and scrupulous service in a soothing ambience, the Paradise Hotel is the perfect place to look forward for a relaxing stay in Incheon. Location Paradise Hotel Incheon stands on a hill overlooking the West Sea in the port city of Incheon. The hotel is about 40 minutes drive from Seoul while the metro station and bus stop are...
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