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Just as our motto says, Mexonia`s Mission is doing 100% pure tourism for 100% satisfied tourists.


Mexonia will sell 1.500.000 euro by 2010, from which 20% plane tickets, 50% hotel bookings and 20% customized trips, says the Sale Manager.


The Travel Agency exists online and physically on the romanian market since July 2009, entering the customized trips domain, where other agencies are trying to succeed since 2008.


Mexonia resells at best prices the exclusive packages of a french touroperator, who has contracts signed with hotel and airlines from all over the world. besides direct sale to clients, Mexonia aims to create packages for detailist travel agency.


"The promoted destination are exclusivist ones. We will concentrate on France and exotic destinations such as Senegal or Columbia and the packages will be customized after each clients budget andpreferences" said the Director.


The investment in opening the agency is of 50000 euro, amount which includes the location. We add to this 15000 euro, the value of Mexonia.ro, .fr and .com. site. The coming 3.0 version of the site will have real time connections with hotels, just like the one for plane tickets.


Being a part of the most important french touroperator, Mexonia offers discounts at all services, hotels and plane tickets all over the world.