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Obzor deals

Obzor deals

- Enter a city: Sejur Obzor
- No. adults: 2
- Stars: 4
- Your budget: Oferte/Promotii €
- Area: Bulgaria
- Transport: Fara
- Transfer: Fara

 How do you calculate the total cost of your holiday :

Double room price x 5 = total price of the holiday for 10 people (2300 euro).
Clubhotel Miramar 4 *
460 EUR - double room all inclusive mass (total 2 persons / 6 days / 5 nights)
Accommodation and meals and specified type
Fees State / City
Price does not include :
Medical Insurance - optional
Your personal expenses
optional programs
optional excursions
Optional travel assistance
If you want to know the prices for many destinations , you can use with confidence our engine dynamic packages ( flight + hotel ) that I found at our website :
Enter departure city , destination city , the time and the engine will find the best Flight + Hotel.
Offer valid subject to availability . To have guaranteed places please make a firm order with your name and number . Bulletin , in the shortest time through the mail or sunanand reply to us at 021 327 12:12 .
Ticket price and may vary from hour to hour . Contact agent for availability and conditions of sale . Reservations can be made ​​by telephone . The advance in 24 hours after reservation is made , following the full amount to be paid at least 30 days before departure . Exceptions are tickets for which payment is made before booking.
Call Centre : 021 327 12:12
E- mail (check ) : [email protected]

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