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Offers Corfu in September

Offers Corfu in September

- Enter a city: Grecia
- No. adults: 2
- Stars: 3
- Your budget: Oferte/Promotii €
- Area: Corfu Island Septembrie
- Transport: Avion
- Transfer: Avion

 recommend Corfu , Hotel 2 -star all inclusive 6 nights 383 EUR total , during 22 to 28 September .

http://www.hotelbeds.com/giata/090198/090198a_hb_a_009.jpg http://www.hotelbeds.com/giata/090198/090198a_hb_w_002.jpg http://www.hotelbeds.com/giata/090198/090198a_hb_p_008 . jpg
I wish you a nice day ,
Do not hesitate to contact us for any question .
Prices are for accommodation without transport . If you and transport aircraft are for the period September 16 to 22 , race Aegean company to 335 EUR / person . The schedule is a little disadvantage , that the return should go there at 7am , so it would be appropriate to take an extra day accommodation ( 16 to 23 September ) .
For the period September 15 to 21 , when you leave you ,
Hotel Pantokrator , we can offer you at 575 EUR (total 6 nights / 2 persons / HB )
Pictures Hotel to:
And the hotel that I gave you initially called Belvedere and given initial price 383 EUR remains .
As you have seen and you, the Pantokrator have half board and All Inclusive Belvedere you .
Do not hesitate to contact us for further information
All the best,
Mexonia team .
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