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Offers Rimini

Offers Rimini

- Enter a city: Rimini, Italia
- No. adults: 6
- Stars: 4
- Your budget: Oferte/Promotii €
- Area: Plaja
- Transport: Avion
- Transfer: Avion

 Rome - Rimini go by train

Station are definitely in Rimini :
You should ask in Rome and buy tickets there. Unfortunately , no train tickets you can buy it from here.
After research and analysis , Milan is the best solution for your return to Bucharest.
Flights Milan - Bucharest, on August 7 , is 167 EUR per person , direct flight with Lufthansa .
Milan ( Malpensa ) 7 Août 11:30 Bucharest ( Otopeni) Lufthansa 1836 2:40 p.m.
As the hotel in Rimini, if all you see something you like on the site , give me three examples and I analyze them location , customer reviews have been and elimination you leave the best option . If not, I do have a suggestion for 3 star and a 4 star hotel.
Now I need to make some calculations. However, the exit Rimini cheaper than Tunis and is even more beautiful destination .
Just so you know well , there attention to expenses , food , clothing , souvenirs , Italy is not very cheap , but I already know that.
There is another variant , but more expensive to 295eur/pers
Milan ( Linate ) 7 Août 3:20 p.m. Bucharest ( Otopeni) Alitalia 7922 6:40 p.m.
As for trains, voila :
Here are the times and routes from Italy can even purchase tickets.
I saw that they can only booking until May 5 of the year , since this
But seeing the schedule , I noticed that it generally goes dim in Rimini 5.30 and reach 9.20 in Milan .
Time as the flight and Lufthansa . Another option is to raise the cost a lot.
Naples, for example , is a beautiful destination for beach, and go only by plane , but even so a picutz price rises .
And I'll send pictures of hotels . We have enough half-board .
is aparthotel . cook in the apartment ...
Hotel Polo
Quite expensive for what it offers : Family 1316eur BB . (breakfast)
photos to:
Hotel Sporting
Very expensive 1620eur HB family .
Pictures from :
Hotel Biancamano
1250 eur BB family . (breakfast )
Pictures from :
BELLEVUE Hotel 4 *
898 eur / family , BB . Special Offer . The beach is free TLS everyone , including chair + table ( mean something ) .
4-star hotel , looks pretty good , I recommend it . Only inconveninet is that they offer only breakfast .
Pictures from :
840 eur / family , BB
1226 eur / family AI ( all inclusive) + beach chairs and umbrella free + .
Pictures from :
Hotel Regina Elena
No availability on your chosen dates .

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