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Vacation Ideas. Where to go on vacation

Vacation Ideas. Where to go on vacation

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 Besides the already established destinations , namely Paris , Nice , Cannes , Lyon, Saint- Malo , Toulouse, Berdeaux , London , etc) Mexonia launches packages for summer vacation, carefully selected for every budget .

The new packages start from destinations such Elenite in Bulgaria, an area with springs fully oriented to the south, offering tourists an unforgettable view at sunrise priced at 269 EUR / person for a 7 day stay coast areas M Black up to luxurious hotels in Amsterdam , where you can visit the famous (or infamous ) Red Light District (Red Light District) .
In addition to beach destinations , Mexonia put on sale priced deals for European capitals refuse. For example , you can stay in Prague , the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic with only 89 € / person 7 days at 4 star hotel with breakfast included.
After 10 years of activity in online bookings to Western Europe, Mexonia enter the Romanian market in 2009 offering offline ( traditional mode ) Romanian tourists vacations at attractive prices .
How does Mexonia to offer the best price in Romania , on vacations ?
Branch being the largest tour operator in France, with sales in Europe over 2,000,000 1,500,000 tickets and hotel nights , Mexonia has the lowest prices negotiated with hoteliers and airlines .
In addition to having the lowest prices , Mexonia has very high availability of accommodation in hotels , ranking it among the leaders in the way of last- minute business features that can provide tickets up to 24 hours before departure and accommodation up to 12h before check -in.
With the experience of online reservation Mexonia can not unlearn the old good habits and provides on her website : www.mexonia.ro , dynamic engine for vacation packages to section Flights + Hotel. All automatically entering the system, Mexonia customers can find in seconds the total price of their vacation and REAL . If you prefer to buy from our agency in the traditional way , with dynamic engine on the site have already cost their vacation idea .
You can go five days in Paris, you, along with her husband ( he ) / lover (a) for only 685 EUR total with flight and hotel 3 stars / 2 people. We recommend some attractions that you should not miss them there: the Eiffel Tower, Disneyland , the Arc de
Triomphe , the Louvre , Sacre Coeur , Notre Dame and not least to walk on the luxurious Champs Elysees .

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